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New Shareholders Join Mach1


FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – This year the news presented by Mach1 at Eurobike focused on the people of the company specializing in wheelbuilding machinery and rims. Specifically, the new shareholders.

New Shareholders Join Mach1
Mach1’s new General Manager Robert Marchal takes over from Antoine Chanaux. - Photo Bike Europe

At Eurobike a new face was at the Mach1 booth. It was Benoit-Jérôme Tessier, who represented the new shareholders behind the French component and machinery maker. He introduced the new General manager of Mach1, Robert Marchal.

‘Frontman’ Antoine Chanaux

Marchal takes over from Antoine Chanaux who for years and years was the ‘frontman’ of the French company present at every bike show in the world. Chanaux will not completely say goodbye to Mach1 and the industry, but will have a more background role in the coming years.

Ambitious investment plan

According to new shareholder Tessier an ambitious investment plan has been set-up for Mach1. To further complete the line-up there are many new machines as well as rims in the pipeline.

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