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Yamaha Scaling Up E-Bike Drive System Business


IWATA, Japan – On the waves of the booming European e-bike market Yamaha Motor, once developer of the modern e-bike drive system, is scaling up its production. Yamaha has signed contracts for OEM supply of its Power Assist System (PAS) with Giant, Accell Group’s Winora and HF Christiansen.

Yamaha Scaling Up E-Bike Drive System Business
Yamaha Motor signed an agreement with, among others, Giant for OEM supply of its new PW e-bike drive units. - Photo Bike Europe

Two decades ago Yamaha Motor developed and launched their answer on the question to create some sort of power source to help people pedaling uphill or facing strong headwind. Yamaha’s solution was the Power Assist System, better known as PAS.

Shifting focus to Europe

In the past decades the company mainly concentrated on their home market which has grown to an annual volume of 400,000 units. But this is changing. As many other component suppliers Yamaha shifted its focus on the alluring European e-bike market. By 2015 Yamaha is aiming to expand its OEM e-bike drive system business to a scale of 100,000 units.

New PW series

For the expanding European market Yamaha Motor developed a new e-bike system kit, the PW series. As a first step, Yamaha will begin supplying the drive unit developed as part of the system kit to Giant Electric Vehicle in October 2013. According to Yamaha the PW series meets the European market demands for layout flexibility by offering one of the world’s smallest and lightest center-mount drive units, with a weight of just 3.5 kg excluding sprocket.

The new PW series is equipped with a triple sensor system. The display and battery are also newly developed in a bid to satisfy discerning customers in Europe.

To support its growing OEM business, Yamaha Motor launched a new e-mobility website:

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