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More Restructuring at Dutch Accell Companies


HEERENVEEN, The Netherlands – There is a new round of restructuring to arrive within Accell Group NV and in particular within the Dutch companies of the worldwide operating holding for bike makers and distributors. Yesterday, the staff of these companies was informed that an advice-request for this was submitted to the Central Works Council.

More Restructuring at Dutch Accell Companies
Following an earlier reorganization announced last April, more ‘structural changes’ are to arrive at the Dutch Accell companies. – Photo Bike Europe

What the new round of reorganization will involve has not yet been announced publicly. Rumors only say that it is about ‘structural changes’.

Comment CEO Takens

Last night Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Accell Group NV, René Takens, responded on questions with: “I am currently abroad. We have submitted a request for advice and discussed with the Central Works Council some proposed changes. I will come back on this Friday when I’m back in the Netherlands.”

Earlier announced reorganization

Apart from some smaller subsidiaries Accell’s main companies in The Netherlands are the bike brands Batavus, Sparta, Koga as well as distributor Juncker Bike Parts. Last April, a reorganization was announced involving these companies except for Koga. The production of bicycles at Batavus and at Sparta are being integrated in one production facility. Distributor  Juncker Bike Parts will, when the integration of the two production facilities into one is completed, move to the vacated Sparta premises where a new warehouse system will be built. All this comes at the expense of some sixty jobs.

Structural cost savings

The Sparta and Batavus production integration as well as the relocation of Juncker Bike Parts will result, according to Accell, “In structural cost savings of € 2 to € 3 million annually.” The relocation operation is planned to be completed in December 2014. The various Accell companies in the Netherlands have a staff of 595 employees.

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