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Europe’s Leading Battery Supplier Opens Service Center


KARLSTEIN, Germany – BMZ GmbH officially opened its own service center recently. It is located in Karlstein near Aschaffenburg – just a few hundred meters away from the company headquarters.

Europe’s Leading Battery Supplier Opens Service Center
BMZ GM Sven Bauer, “The service issue will definitely grow. There are now all in all 1.5 million e-bike battery packs in the market.”

The new BMZ service center is housed in a 1,300m² single floor building which is on a 3,300m² plot which has been acquired by the company. A workshop, warehouse, laboratory, and two offices are based here as well as a workforce of 35 people offering service in the field of battery packs and – in some cases – also drivetrain service for LEV’s, but especially pedelecs. The workforce will be soon expanded up to a total of 50 people.

It was ten years ago when BMZ took over the battery pack service for the German postal mail service Deutsche Post’s e-bike fleet. BMZ GM Sven Bauer said at the official opening festivities, “The service issue will definitely grow. There are now all in all 1.5 million e-bike battery packs in the market.” In his speech he confirmed that he and his team – like others too – completely underestimated the service issue: “In this case we experienced a brutal learning curve. But we learned our lesson and now want to put that into practice.”

Goal: Full e-bike drivetrain service

The long term goal is to offer a complete battery pack and drivetrain service for all its e-bike customers. According to Bauer they do this already for two of their major customers: German dealer co-operative ZEG’s and Derby Cycle. Derby only opted for BMZ’s battery pack service.

Among customers attending the grand opening of the BMZ service center were representatives from Ansmann, Brose, Büchel, Derby, Fallbrook, Intertec-subsidiary Inter-Union, Hawk, Simplon, Ulrich Alber – and ZEG CEO Georg Honkomp as well as TranzX.

Drivetrain partners

Two of those customers – Ulrich Alber (a market leader for mobility aids and maker of the e-bike drive system Neodrives) and automotive supplier Brose – are already working hand in hand with BMZ on complete e-bike drivetrain systems. That’s why ZEG – using Ulrich Alber’s drivetrain systems and BMZ battery packs for their Bulls Green Mover brand – has relied on BMZ’s full e-bike service since last year. Bauer and his team are sure that others will follow.

With the suppport of its new service center BMZ is able to limit the average throughput time “to an acceptable level.” Asked what that exactly means service center plant manager Daniel Fabbiano says, “We calculate five to seven days. If we are not able to do so we will offer a rental battery pack.” That should become a must: “We know how urgent it is for cyclists when the season starts and the sun is out. They want it back immediately.”

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