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Fox Inc. Acquires German Distributor Toxoholics


BERN, Switzerland – On November 1st 2013, FOX Factory Inc. acquired its German distribution partner Toxoholics and continues its service and sales under the newly founded FOX Factory GmbH.

Fox Inc. Acquires German Distributor Toxoholics
Newly founded FOX Factory GmbH will continue in the same location in Rodalben with the same team from Toxoholics.

The whole activities will be continued in the same location in Rodalben with the same Team from Matthias Bauer. “The continuous growth, the added customer base of the past years and the strategic meaning of the German market in Europe lead us to this important development and partnership,” explained Christoph Ritzler, MD of FOX European Operations.

Further developed and integrated

By the acquisition and its integration of the experienced Toxoholics Team, the further expansion of services, warehousing, technical training, commercial support and event support gets further developed. The Racing Service for
FOX in Europe also gets integrated into the new structure of FOX Factory GmbH.

The ongoing growth of its service structure is one of the most important tasks. “Matthias Bauer and his Team have performed a lot during the last 13 years to develop the success of FOX in Germany, for what we are very grateful. The next steps will be taken together and with strong support from FOX Factory, Inc. in the USA. The dealers and our customers in Germany are very important to us, and with this investment into expansion and the growth of our activities, we want to create more trust and confidence, longterm,” underlined MD Ritzler.

For the dealers, there is no change resulting from this. The Team, their contacts and all addresses stay the same, with the exception of the web ( and email address.

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