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Manufacturer of Bobike Child Seats Bankrupt


DOESBURG, the Netherlands – Earlier this week, a subsidiary of the Dutch child seat manufacturer Dremefa went bankrupt. “It doesn’t affect our Bobike business”, said Bobike Managing Director Ronald Scheppink this morning.

Manufacturer of Bobike Child Seats Bankrupt
Managing Director Ronald Scheppink and owner Hans Drexler (right). - Photo Michel Sweeter

The insolvent company is just like Bobike part of the Dremefa group owned by the Drexler family. It produced plastic and metal products.

Business continues

Ronald Scheppink: “the Dremefa group consists of different companies and Bobike is just one of them. The brand name Bobike will remain on the market and all our activities will continue. Of course it is annoying to hear all the stories about us being told in the market.”

“Today we have informed our customers. The bankruptcy is already sad enough, let’s not make the problem bigger than it is.”

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