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Shimano Discloses New STEPS E-Bike System


NUNSPEET, The Netherlands – After announcing the specifications of its new e-bike system, which was presented at the Taichung Bike Week earlier this month, the component maker now disclosed photos of the new STEPS groupset.

Shimano Discloses New STEPS E-Bike System
Shimano’s STEPS mid-motor that will arrive at the market in Model Year 2015 e-bikes. Next to the mid-motor Shimano is also planning a drive system with the original STEPS front motor, indicated President Yozo Shimano in a newspaper report recently. – Photo Shimano

The Shimano Total Electric Power System (STEPS) will be delivered to OEMs in August 2014. That is, if everything goes well during a pilot project. This will see STEPS equipped bikes delivered to both BIKE&CO and ZEG dealers in Germany and starts next February.

STEPS with front motor

In a recent report by Cycle Press, Shimano President Yozo Shimano says that the new STEPS mid-motor is not to replace the front motor which the company launched in June 2010 when the first STEPS groupset was introduced.

Yozo Shimano says in Cycle Press: “With respect to the front motor type that we originally developed; we are not going to be replacing that, but rather, in the future we’re going to be using it in conjunction with the center motor type.” This indicates that Shimano is to offer a range of e-bike drive systems.

Yozo Shimano on STEPS price

In the Cycle Press report Shimano President Yozo Shimano also presented a price indication for the new mid-motor STEPS system. He says, “I can’t say anything official about the price at this point, but obviously it’s going to be a more attractive price than before.”

For more on the STEPS specs, see the report published on November 12:–e-shifting-1408380W/

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