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Shimano Europe Starts Company in Turkey


ISTANBUL, Turkey – Shimano Europe announced the establishment of a new subsidiary called Shimano Menat to represent the company’s interest on the Turkish market. The office will be based in Istanbul and will handle all logistics and administration.

Shimano Europe Starts Company in Turkey
Shimano Europe’s new Turkey subsidiary will be based in Istanbul. – Photo Bike Europe

Starting on January 1st 2014 Shimano Menat has the intention to co-operate with a local partners who has been representing Shimano in Turkey for a longer time. The current official Shimano bike distributor in Turkey, Ebsat Ltd. STI, owned by Metin Cengiz and Shimano Menat have already concluded a partnership.

Frank Peiffer, statutory director of Shimano Menat said, “The creation of Shimano Menat allows us to supply our bike products & services to the growing markets in Turkey. We are very pleased that we are able to join forces with our experienced distributors. They are specialists in their business-field and are able to deliver the high service level Shimano is known for.”

Wholesaler since 1975

Ebsat was founded in 1962 by Nuri Cengiz and has been in the business as wholesaler since 1975, covering the Turkey market. Since 1995 they are representing the Shimano brand. Today the company is located in Izmir and managed by Metin Cengiz.

“Over the past years we have put in a lot of effort to build Shimano’s brand awareness and loyalty,” says Metin Cengiz, Managing Director of Ebsat. “We are certainly proud of the fact the even little kids ask for Shimano parts when buying a bicycle. Seeing now that Shimano is joining forces with us for further development of the market, it is confirming our direction and encourages our believe in growing cycling even more in Turkey.”

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