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Dutch Accell Companies Join Forces


HEERENVEEN, The Netherlands – The commercial and operational activities of the Dutch Accell companies – Koga, Batavus, Sparta and Juncker – are joined in a new company named Accell Nederland BV.

Dutch Accell Companies Join Forces
Accell Nederland BV is to become a full line supplier offering one-stop shopping. - Photo Bike Europe

The new company becomes operational per January 1, 2014. Early October René Takens, CEO of Accell Group NV, already announced that a re-arrangement would take place to bring the Dutch companies together under one roof called Accell Netherlands BV. At that time Takens noted that for this re-arrangement Accell Group is obliged to consult its Workers Council with an advice-request. Apparently, the Accell Workers Council advised positively on it as the announced measures are to come into effect with the start of the new year.

Optimizing operations

A further clarification makes clear that  the in Accell Netherlands joined companies are to optimize their operations in numerous areas. Their time to market is to speed up in order to increase the turnover rate at the affiliated dealers of the various bike brands.

With the three bike brands Accell Nederland BV is to market a wide and deep range varying from e-bikes and children’s bikes to sports bikes and hybrids including specials such as Van Nicolas. “Moreover, with the Juncker’s P&A we become a full line supplier offering one-stop shopping. The brands retain their identity or will get an even more focused positioning.”


This is mentioned by Wouter Jager who currently heads Koga. He is appointed commercial director of the new Accell Nederland BV. Huub Snellen, who currently is the MD of Batavus and Sparta, is to lead all operational matters, including procurement, quality control and all after sales matters.

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