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Selle Royal Changes Sales Support Organization


POZZOLEONE, Italy – Saddle manufacturer Selle Royal is currently implement important changes in its aftermarket sales and support strategy. The company implemented an all new market approach in the Benelux countries in which retailers and wholesalers have direct contact with the head office in Italy.

Selle Royal Changes Sales Support Organization
The Selle Royal support team for the Benelux market, (left to right): Alvise Sartori - Benelux AM Area Sales Manager, Jindan Li - Business Manager Private Label AM, Roberto Bucci - Brand Manager, Andrea Cecchinato - Chief Operating Officer, Monica Savio - Marketing Coordinator, Pietro Tomasella - Germany AM Area Sales Manager, Nicolò Mannoni - AM Business Unit Director. – Photo Selle Royal

“The market is changing rapidly,” says Alvise Sartori, the new man in charge for the Benelux aftermarket at Selle Royal. “In addition to market movements, we also see that companies are becoming increasingly complex.” According to Selle Royal it was no longer possible to deal with all that by only one person but brings in a team of specialists from the Italian head office now.

Direct contact

“Feedback from the market and direct communication are becoming increasingly important. It is better to do that directly instead off via an intermediary. In the new organization all information goes directly to the responsible specialists in the fields of marketing, sales, social media and distribution. Both wholesalers and retailers are now in close contact with their saddle supplier and that is important to serve their customers effectively.”

It is no coincidence that Selle Royal selected the Netherlands to introduce this new market approach. “Both IBD’s and wholesalers are very demanding regarding service and product quality. An increasing number of our customers employed specialists for specific areas. Next January this new marketing approach will also be launched in Germany.”

Language barrier

“As an Italian company we realize very well that we have to communicate in English on the Dutch market. But we don’t expect that will be a problem in the Netherlands. Moreover our product training and workshops will be in Dutch as it always was. We think that our customers will appreciate direct contact with the specialists at the head office in Italy. And then it wouldn’t be a problem to communicate in English.”

Selle Royal’s new approach is only for the aftermarket. For OEMs it stays business as usual.

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