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3T Opens New Distribution Center


BREMBATE (Italy) – Italian components company 3T has opened a new distribution center to service its European, Middle East, African and Latin American customers.

3T Opens New Distribution Center
3T’s new, 600 square meter center, is located about 50 km east of Milan. - Photo 3T

The new, 600 m² center, located 12 km from the company’s design studio in Brembate and about 50 km east of Milan, will handle 3T’s growing OEM and after-market business in these countries.

“The key drivers for the expansion into warehousing in the European Union are to shorten time from distributor order to delivery, enable up-to-date supply-chain automation processes, and reduce freight costs and management overhead”, explains 3T CEO René Wiertz.

Close to wheel-building facility

The new facility complements an existing warehouse in Taichung, Taiwan, which continues to service 3T customers in North America, Asia, and Australasia. Bucking the trend, 3T opted to locate the center in Italy, close to its studio and within easy reach of its wheel-building facility.

According to René Wiertz, “The new 3T Mercurio Ltd and Accelero Ltd wheelsets, which are built in Italy by Italian craftsmen, will be among key products held at our new warehouse. Wheels built locally are consolidated with components routed from Taiwan, so as to streamline the entire supply chain for the EMEA region.”

Cut freight costs

“The new facility, managed by a specialist logistics contractor, is expected to reduce transit time from 3T to distributor’s warehouse, cut freight costs within the European Union, enable more responsive and accurate order processing, with better availability and allow us to bring in improved goods management processes, such as the use of serial numbers.”

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