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Dahon Expands into Poland’s Folding Bike Market


DUARTE, USA – Arkus & Romet joins folding bike leader Dahon as their newest ‘hyper’ distributor. Furthering the folding bike brand’s international sales expansion, Arkus & Romet offers Dahon superior presence in Eastern Europe and the strategic Polish market.

Dahon Expands into Poland’s Folding Bike Market
Established in 1948, Arkus & Romet is nowadays successfully involved in electric mobility with small cars, motorcycles and bikes. – Photo Bike Europe

Producing 400,000 bicycles under their own brands annually, Arkus & Romet is the recognized leader of Poland’s bicycle industry, presiding over a sales and distribution network of 700 dealers throughout the country. Established in 1948,  the company is nowadays successfully involved in electric mobility. The Romet Company assumed the Arkus brand in 1999 and founded the Arkus & Romet Group in 2005.

With the new partnership becoming effective immediately, the Dahon folding bicycle line is already be available in selected shops within the Arkus & Romet network at the start of the 2014 bicycle season.

Dr. David Hon, CEO, founder and inventor of Dahon folding bicycles said, “We are excited about the multitude of new opportunities our partnership with Poland’s foremost bicycle professional brings to our international distribution network. We are fortunate and pleased to contribute to the thriving folding bicycle market ‘unfolding’ in Poland today.”

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