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Polisport Acquires Bobike Brand


CARREGOSA, Portugal – The worldwide leader for bicycle child seats Polisport has acquired the renowned Bobike brand. With that the manufacturing of the Bobike child seats and other Bobike products will move from Holland to Portugal.

Polisport Acquires Bobike Brand
Bobike is to complement the Polisport range with Guppy and Bubbly branded child seats. - Photo Polisport

According to the Polisport Group management, the take-over took place with the goal of, “taking Bobike to even higher brand awareness levels and performance, while maintaining its identity and values.” Bobike is to complement the Polisport range with Guppy and Bubbly branded child seats. In particular in the higher price segments.


The take-over comes after the bankruptcy of the Bobike manufacturing company, Dremefa based in Doesburg, the Netherlands. This took place end November 2013. Polisport Group will not take-over any of the production machinery of Dremefa that used to, next to the Bobike child seats, produce plastic and metal products.

In Portugal Polisport Group, being a self-sustained company, has its own injection molding units, a helmet producing unit as well as assembly facilities. Polisport’s product development is also completely made in-house.

Polisport Group’s capabilities

To bring Bobike to higher levels, “Polisport Group relies on its already established capabilities to render a better service, to improve lead-times and to create innovative products that will boost the range.

As winner of many innovation awards regarding design, technology and management, Polisport has been in the business for over 35 years and has modern, up to date facilities with innovated processes and know-how,” notes the company in its press release.

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