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Europe’s Biggest in E-Bikes Starts with Mid-Motors


AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Europe’s biggest in electric bikes – Accell Group through its various brands in Europe – is following the mid-motor trend in e-bikes. Next autumn, at the dealershows, this newest ION system will be launched. ION is the holding company’s own e-bike drivetrain system. Last Friday CEO René Takens announced this at Accell’s presentation of the 2013 financial results.

Europe’s Biggest in E-Bikes Starts with Mid-Motors
Accell says to respond to a dropping demand for e-bikes fitted with front hub motors while for mid-motor equipped bikes demand is increasing rapidly. – Photo Bike Europe

In an exclusive interview with Bike Europe Accell’s top executive said the company will continue to invest in its own ION system. This despite the rapidly expanding offering in mid-motor e-bike drive systems. Takens said, “We do that because with ION we are able to offer a distinctive system for e-bikes which has proved itself for reliability in the past ten years. It is the quietest system on the market which we are able to program to our standards. We do that for instance to deliver more support power when the user starts riding. This contributes greatly to the feeling of comfort.”

Demand for mid-motor systems

“And yes, we will have an ION drive system with mid-motor,” continued Takens. “With that we respond to a significant market trend. Recent surveys indicate that demand for e-bikes fitted with front hub motors will drop to about 10% of the total market and that for mid-motor equipped bikes it will increase to about 50%.

Introduction at dealershows 2014

Takens also said, “At the autumn dealershows we will launch the ION mid-motor system. For now this will take place in the Netherlands in particular. The launch in other countries is to follow on a later date. And we do not intend to present the newest ION system internationally at this year’s Eurobike show.”

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