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Humpert Invests in Expanded Test Centre


WICKEDE, Germany – Recently handlebar and components manufacturer Humpert opened its expanded test center at its Wickede, Germany facility. The new center is equipped to test not just single parts but in particular component combinations like saddles/seat posts.

Humpert Invests in Expanded Test Centre
Humpert can now test seat posts in combination with saddles as a single unit. – Photo Humpert

“The interaction between individual bicycle components can significantly influence test results,” explains Rolf Häcker, Humpert’s Research & Development Manager. “Components tested separately might pass tests, but fail when they are combined as we often see with seat posts and saddles.”

Greater strains

“Therefore we have invested in equipment which now enables us to test the seat post together with the mounted saddle as a single unit. Combining bicycle components for testing is particularly important if the weight of the rider exceeds the 100 kilogram mark and accordingly imposes greater strains on the material,” says Häcker.

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