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New Sales Manager for Bosch eBike Systems


STUTTGART, Germany – From March 1, 2014, Armin Harttig will be in charge of sales and service at Bosch eBike Systems in Reutlingen, Germany. Harttig takes over from Claudia Wasko, who will still work for Bosch eBike Systems, but is relocating to California, to develop the company’s North American business.

New Sales Manager for Bosch eBike Systems
Armin Harttig (l.) the new man in charge of sales and service at Bosch eBike Systems for the European market. Claudia Wasko (r.) is relocated to the US. – Photo Bosch

Harttig has worked for Bosch since 2001, most recently as a head of department at Bosch Gasoline Systems, where he was responsible for, amongst others, automobile and motorcycle customers in Europe and Asia. An industrial engineering graduate, he has also gained international sales experience in the United States.

E-bikes in North America

For Claudia Wasko a new challenge will start on March 1, 2014 in the United States. “We anticipate a dynamic market development with interesting growth rates,” she says. “In the years ahead the Generation Y will especially switch to the bicycle and the pedelec as a means of transport. In 2015 around 25 million Americans will be aged 30 to 36, an age that is considered to be a ‘sweet spot’ for buying bicycles and pedelecs.”

At Interbike 2013 e-bikes were on display with US market designed Bosch e-bike drive trains. The exhibited bikes came from BH, Felt, Haibike and Kreidler which are planned to enter the US market in the first quarter of 2014. However, this could be delayed as Bosch struggles with delivery problems with lead times running up to 8 months.

At Interbike 2013 Claus Fleischer also told Bike Europe that Bosch customers are asking more and more for an e-bike kit designed for the US market. “Beginning 2014 we can deliver them together with the appropriate after sales service for IBDs in the North American markets.”

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