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Rock Band Infringing Sturmey-Archer Copyrights


AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – The rock group Kaiser Chiefs who had a big hit with “I predict a riot,” have now themselves caused a big stir by blatantly copying from a world-renowned supplier of bike parts.

Rock Band Infringing Sturmey-Archer Copyrights
Kaiser Chiefs new logo alongside Sturmey-Archer logo. A blatant copy, says the renowned supplier of bike parts. – Photo Sturmey Archer

Amsterdam based Sturmey-Archer Europe accuses Kaiser Chiefs of copying the logo of the 110 year-old bike components maker for the makeover on their site. “Even their new CD cover is copied from Sturmey-Archer packaging,” says Sturmey’s GM Alan Clarke.

Blatant copying

“I have worked for the company for more than 40 years and I have never known anything quite as blatant as this,” continues Clarke. “We are used to this sort of thing from backstreet suppliers but did not expect it from such a big band. They did not even contact us up front and they have not responded to questions posed since we were alerted by customers.”

Re-naming into Kaiser Thiefs

The band is currently touring and their frontman Ricky Wilson is a judge on the BBC talent programme ‘The Voice’. Clarke adds, “A customer has suggested that the band should be re-named Kaiser Thiefs – which might not be grammatically correct but does reflect how we now feel.”

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