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BionX Cooperates With Battery Condition Test


HONGKONG – Since December 2012 the R&D teams BionX and battery test vendor Battery Condition Test (BCT) have worked together on integrating BCT’s BA series battery analyzers into BionX e-bike test environment, called BBI.

BionX Cooperates With Battery Condition Test
BionX dealers can purchase the BA S-Pedelec 900 battery tester at a reduced price, subsidized by BionX. – Photo BionX

“After rigorous tests Battery Condition Test’s Battery Analyzers have been validated and proven to be reliable by BionX,” says Eric Baril, BionX Manager Product Development. “The next step will be the implementation of the co-op program, aimed to allow BionX dealers to test our batteries on warranty eligibility as well as usability.”

After a trial period with qualified dealers, BionX intends to handle warranty applications electronically (based upon the test report), thus avoiding costly shipping of lithium-ion batteries, while providing dealers and consumers with a fast, efficient service, in addition to being environmentally friendly.”

The battery analyzer

BionX dealers can purchase the BA S-Pedelec 900 (600W continuous, 750W during 10 seconds and 900W peak during 3 seconds) including 2 cables for BionX as well as 2 universal battery cables at a reduced price, subsidized by BionX.

A major technical advantage of the BA series is that they dissipate approximately 7 times less heat compared to traditional battery testers that convert 100% of the discharge energy into heat. Another technological feature is that the BA series handle all functionality in software and can update new features to all existing users easily and automatically. Even after many years, users can update free of charge or upgrade to additional functionality.

In addition to supporting the BionX powered e-bikes, the BA S-Pedelec 900 also works with all other Pedelecs and S-Pedelecs, except from manufacturers who protected access to their batteries and did not allow BCT access under non-disclosure condition.

Dealer benefits

Battery Condition Test’s BA series offers some major benefits for retailers. The BA series gives the exact remaining capacity under realistic road conditions, which provides not only valuable information to the dealer but the professional, independent test report also helps the dealer to negotiate a reasonable trade-in price. Next to that when consumers ask the dealer how to resolve the reduced range of their e-bike, the BA series battery tester replaces guesswork by an accurate, written recommendation. Finally dealers working with BA series tester will send in warranty claims, motivated by a test report produced by a similar test system as the service centers use.

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