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Car Maker Kia Launches E-bikes


SEOUL, Korea –Geneva Motor Show watchers generally expect exciting new concept cars. But Korean car manufacturer Kia surprised everybody by presenting two electric bikes featuring a high tech frame.

Car Maker Kia Launches E-bikes
Kia e-bikes come with a monocoque metal frame that looks like a carbon fibre frame. – Photo Kia

Both e-bikes have been designed and engineered at the Kia Namyang Research and Development Centre, in Korea. They come with a metal monocoque frame that looks like a carbon fibre frame. The frame is manufactured through the cold forging of two metal sheets for the two frame sides. The two sides are welded together by a completely automated process.

Rear wheel drive

The Kia e-bike comes in a city and mountain bike version. The rear-wheel drive features a 250 Watt electric motor that can produce 45Nm of torque and is powered by a 10 Ah lithium-ion polymer battery pack. Kia claims that the city model has a range of 40 kilometres on a single charge.

Both versions of the bicycle will feature the same power pack and drivetrain and have a top speed of 25 km/k.

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