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Stromer’s New E-Bike Communicates with Rider


OBERWANGEN, Switzerland – After three years of development Swiss premium brand Stromer launched the real innovative ST2. It’s the world’s first e-bike, which is equipped with Bluetooth as well as GPS and GPRS and can communicate via SIM card with the driver’s smartphone.

Stromer’s New E-Bike Communicates with Rider
The Stromer ST2 is a class of its own,” says Thomas Binggeli, Stromer founder and Chairman of the BMC Group. – Photo Peter Hummel

This new connectivity is built on ‘Omni’, a self-developed cloud-based online platform. The most important innovation is that BMC can now update online the ST2 firmware worldwide and simultaneously. Until now this had to be done by the dealer.

Adjusting to individual needs

Omni now creates the opportunity to file a maintenance log for each bike. Via an app on his smartphone the owner can tune the e-bike himself according to individual needs. It is almost evident that the rider can also switch on and off his e-bike with his smartphone. An additional function is the self-locking system: when the bike is set in motion unauthorized, the engine is automatically locked after half a minute. Thanks to the GPS feature a stolen bike can always be traced. The smartphone itself can be charged via an USB plug while driving.

A class of its own

In addition to the integrated interface the ST2 also offers more design, more safety, a wider reach and more power. The display is nicely integrated in the top tube while a new type of LED daytime running light is part of the head tube.

The 814Wh (!) lithium-ion battery is positioned in the down tube elegantly. It offers a range of up to 150 kilometers, claims Stromer. It feeds a 500 Watt motor that offers 35 Nm of max torque.

S-pedelec only

Contrary to its predecessor, the ST1 which was available in 48 different configurations, the new ST2 only comes in a s-pedelec version which will be the same for all markets. The ST2 already obtained the European L1E approval but the market introduction in April will be limited to Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Upscale price

Apart from the weight, the ST2 still weighs nearly 30 kilogram, the price is very upscale: € 5,690. “The connectivity and system performance makes the ST2 still “a class of its own” and for that we offer an excellent price- performance ratio,” says Thomas Binggeli, Stromer founder and Chairman of the BMC Group.

Recall ST1

While Stromer introduced the next generation S-pedelec, the company also had to deal with a recall of its ST1 model. The recall involves all 2013 Stromer ST1 women’s and men’s pedal-assist electric bicycles, models M33 Elite and P48 Platinum sold in the US and Canada.

BMC has received one report of a fork breaking and consumers are called upon to attend an authorized Stromer dealer for a free replacement of the fork. The fork’s serial numbers for the recalled bikes start with: ST1S2F, ST1S2G, ST1S2H, ST1S2I, ST1S2J, ST1S3A, ST1S3B, ST1S3C, ST1S3D and ST1S3E. The serial number is etched at the bottom of the rear fork.

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