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Troubled French Producer Planet Fun Continues, But…


PERIGNY, France – Planet Fun, which used to be a major bike assembler for Decathlon and Intersport, has been placed under safeguard proceedings by the court of La Rochelle. Assembly operations continue on a low level for Look while Planet Fun is also still distributing Cube in France. Next April the La Rochelle court is to decide on the company’s future.

Troubled French Producer Planet Fun Continues, But…
Once Planet Fun employed over 250 people capable of producing 3,000 bikes per day. – Photo Planet Fun

Last November Planet Fun laid off 92 of its total staff of 109 employees. Once the company, which was founded in 1998 by Dutchman Marcel Lammers, employed over 250 people capable of producing 3,000 bikes per day.

Six months

The depressed 2013 market situation in France as well as Decathlon and Intersport turning to other ways for sourcing bikes: “Resulted in a bleak picture for the future of Planet Fun,” commented CEO Marcel Lammers to Bike Europe. He furthered with: “The La Rochelle Court has decided that the company can continue for six months under the safeguard proceedings. This means that we continue to assemble bikes for Look and we continue with our distribution activities in France for Cube. Next April we will present our plans for the next months to the court in La Rochelle which is then to decide on the future of Planet Fun.”


Next to the production capacity of over a half million bikes annually, logistics is a USP of Planet Fun. The assembly operation with lots of imported components is supplied by sea through the ports of Le Havre and/or La Rochelle located just 8km from Planet Fun. The company’s extensive 30,000 m² plot houses a large warehouse to stock finished products that can be delivered from there within 48 hours to all European cities.

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