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Electric Bikes Worldwide Report Edition 2014 Published


NAPELS, USA – The Electric Battery Bicycle Company released the 2014 update of the 2013 edition of Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports (EBWR). The eleventh edition of the EBWR is published by Frank Jamerson, Ph.D. and Ed Benjamin.

Electric Bikes Worldwide Report Edition 2014 Published
EBWR: US e-bike market accelerates; Europe continues growth, China is pausing. Pictured here is 8Fun’s newest mid-motor presented at China Cycle mid April. – Photo Bike Europe

The editors of the EBWR point out that the USA e-bike market is accelerating while Europe continues growth and China is pausing. By 2025 EBWR13 projects an annual worldwide sales of 130 million e-bikes and e-scooters.

The EWBR highlights the 80 percent sales growth in 2013 over 2012 in the USA with high end products doing well. The 2014 edition has 50 pages with 65 photos/tables that complements the 2013 edition with 275 pages and 350 photos/tables.

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