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BionX Takes Steps in Zero Part Return Philosophy


AURORA, Canada – BionX takes another step forward with its new Auto-Service process for reduced shipping efforts and an optimal customer service.

BionX Takes Steps in Zero Part Return Philosophy
BionX news Auto-Service consists of four processes: diagnostic, repair, warranty check and automated Return Material Authorization processing. – Photo BionX

With the launch of BBI2 (BionX Bike Interface) in April 2013 the long-term goal was to create a communication and service platform that meets the intended Zero Part Return Philosophy: transport and replacement of as few components as possible.

The first step was the introduction of the Remote Support, which enables servicing of the BionX system from a distance while reducing the pick-up and shipping of components.

Dealer direct

As a second step Auto-Service is implementing an automated service processing live and directly at the dealer. All software and service tools, up to now only available at BionX Service Centers, have now been implemented into BBI2 at the dealer level. For the launch of Auto-Service the focus was initially targeted on the battery. Upon connecting the BionX system to BBI2, several processes are being initiated to check for any issues with the component that could be solved right at the dealer.

Auto-Service consists of four individual processes: diagnostic, repair, warranty check and automated RMA (Return Material Authorization) processing. The shipping of components for diagnostic and service purposes is extremely time-consuming for both dealers and manufacturers and the downtime is hardly tolerated by the customer anymore today.

Short wait times

„With Auto-Service and our Zero Part Return Philosophy we are on an efficient path for fast service right at the dealer, with real time diagnostic and short waiting times. Downtime for the customer must be avoided, since the pedelec has become an indispensable public transport device for a lot of people,” says Werner Schiller, Sales and Marketing Director, BionX GmbH.

After several months with Auto-Service in the field, BionX has seen dramatic results. The amount of service tasks being automatically performed via BBI2 right at the dealer has increased significantly.

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