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Shimano Notes ‘Promising Market Trends’


TOKYO, Japan – Shimano’s financial statement on the first half of 2014 reports on ‘brisk order-taking’, ‘promising market trends’ as well as ‘relatively low inventory levels at distributors and retailers’. This prompted a 18,5% rise in bike component sales.

Shimano Notes ‘Promising Market Trends’
The ‘promising market trends’ Shimano is pointing to in its financial statement must be related to e-bikes for which the component maker is launching the STEPS mid-motor system at Eurobike. – Photo Shimano

With the biggest bike show on earth to start in just three weeks, the Shimano statement looks to indicate that all signs are green for a record-breaking Eurobike. The component maker signals that in Europe: “Retail sales remained buoyant during the first half because of brisk sales during the winter thanks to mild weather.”

In the US, which had an extremely harsh winter, “Retail sales were comparable to the level in a typical year.” For China Shimano notes that: “Sales of sports bicycles continued to grow strongly and sales growth in other emerging markets was also robust.” Also on its home market Japan Shimano sales were buoyant and remained robust.”

‘Affordable Shimano products’

“In these market conditions,” continues  Shimano’s financial statement, “and in view of rising expectations in view of promising market trends looking forward, order-taking was brisk as Shimano products were relatively affordable because of the depreciation of the yen. Moreover, sales of new models including Alivio MTB components, Tourney XT and 105 road bike components were buoyant.”

Financial results

The ‘brisk order-taking’ in the first half year resulted in Shimano overall net sales to grow by 17.4% to 156,322 million yen (1,137 million euro). The company’s overall operating income increased by 43.2% to 30,397 million yen (221 million euro) while its net income was up 16,9% to 20,784 million yen (151 million euro).

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