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Danger Threatening E-Bike Trend


FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – “The e-bike product group does hold a danger in itself. This concerns the safety of Speed Pedelecs. Legislation about S-Pedelecs is not yet clear, neither in definition nor in organization,” warned Accell CEO René Takens at last month’s Eurobike.

Danger Threatening E-Bike Trend
Safety of S-Pedelecs must be taken in consideration.’ This is the world’s fastest Speed Pedelec capable of a top speed of 75 km/h. – Photo M1

Here he said: “We should all take the safety of Speed Pedelecs seriously in consideration for otherwise the current e-bike trend is threatened. In particular when a negative image of Speed Pedelecs occurs which could extend to all e-bikes. This is, for every player in this market, a shared responsibility.”

World’s fastest Speed Pedelec

Speed pedelecs or hi-speed e-bikes capable of speeds well over 45 km/h were not widely on display at last month’s Eurobike. Probably there was only one exception; offered by M1 SportTechnik, a company within the automotive sector renowned as BMW tuner. M1 presented ‘the world’s fastest Speed Pedelec.’

The M1 Spitzing World Cup Edition is equipped with an 850 Watt motor, delivering 120 Nm. This Speed Pedelec is capable of a top speed of 75 km/h. Currently 45 km/h is (unofficially) regarded as the maximum speed for this e-bike category. Per January 1, 2017 Speed Pedelecs will have to comply to new European type-approval regulations.

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