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Suntour Starts Rear Shock Assembly in France


CHAMBÉRY, France – January 2015 SR Suntour France will start assembling rear shocks in France. The company’s OEM coordinator Henri Manders announced this at last week’s Eurobike.

Suntour Starts Rear Shock Assembly in France
SR Suntour OEM coordinator Henri Manders: ‘We start with rear shocks, but this could be expanded to suspension forks.’ - Photo Arnauld Hackmann

“Already for some time I had plans to move some production to France, but now everybody agreed,” said Manders, who recently sold his company Vélovertigo to SR Suntour. With this policy change SR Suntour meets the needs for more supply chain flexibility of bike makers in Europe.

At Eurobike this was a much discussed topic (see: And for the near future it is expected that more parts production is to return to Europe; including (alloy) frames.

In the next months the Vélovertigo facility in Chambéry, France will be converted for assembling parts. Production start is planned for January 2015.

Specific code

“Assembly in Europe is an attractive option for lots of our OEM customers. We will start with rear shocks only as this component needs specific adjustment for each frame and each geometry,” explained Manders.

“In our France facility we will be able to customize rear shocks for every customer and for every frame. Every customized shock will be registered in a specific code. In the future we will be able to expand our production in France to other components, like suspension forks.”

Suntour’s start in carbon

More news from SR Suntour is that the company is also starting production of  carbon components. The company that operates factories in Taiwan and China offers carbon components already for some time. However, actual production took place at subcontractors. The carbon components production will move step by step to SR Suntour while the range will be broadened to for example bottle holders.

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