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Trelock Restarts Production in Germany


MUNSTER, Germany – Responding to the call for more flexibility by the largest bike manufacturers in Europe, lights, locks and e-bike control system producer Trelock is restarting production in Germany.

Trelock Restarts Production in Germany
Trelock CEO Andreas Rott: ‘From mid 2015 on production is to take place in our own facility in Münster.’ – Photo Bike Europe

Already this year that production restart is taking place. The parts and accessories maker has deliberately chosen for Germany as its production location. And with that: “We are one more company in the bike sector that is re-shoring production from Asia to Europe,” says Trelock in a press release that continues with: “Made in Germany is for Trelock not only just standing for Germany’s innovation and development power, but also for actual production of hi-end lights, locks and e-bike displays taking place in Germany.”

35 years ago production switched to Asia

Already for over 160 years Trelock is developing lights, locks and control systems for bicycles and e-bikes at its HQ in Münster, Germany. In 1979 production was stopped here and switched to Asia. R&D stayed in Germany. Earlier this year production was restarted in Germany. From mid 2015 on production is to take place in a wholly owned facility in Münster from which also the logistics will be centralized. It is expected that by 2017 about 100 new jobs will be created at the new Trelock factory in Münster.

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