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Time Sport Founder Roland Cattin Dies


NEVERS, France – Roland Cattin was still full of ambitions when he died on Sunday October 19 at age 65. For this man, who founded Time Sport in 1987 the company was his passion.

Time Sport Founder Roland Cattin Dies
Roland Cattin, passed away at 65. - Photo Isabelle Leboeuf

We had a long meeting with Roland Cattin last June. We saw a tired man, but despite the company’s economic struggles, he was proud enough to tell us that he would relocate most of his production in France. For him, who fought so hard to market the expertise of Time Sport, the business has never been easy though Time frames are regarded among the best in the world.

Take 2008 for example. It was a very difficult year for Time. The company was faced with the partial closure of production in the town of Nevers together with the opening of the new factory in Isle of Abeau, near Lyon.

Showroom at the Champs Elysees

At the same time Time Sport opened a showroom in Paris on the Champs Elysees. Financial recklessness some would say, for others it is still a superb showcase. Roland Cattin was also a man of loyalty. He compensated every penny for the fifty employees who did not want to travel from the old factory in Nevers to the new facility in Isle of Abeau. These obviously huge expenses absorbed a lot of cash. This became a problem when the Time bikes were selling less and less easily.

Roland Cattin never gave up. A capital injection, court battles and a passion for innovation made Time Sport financially sound and healthy again. Last year, he diversified its production again by launching a range of luxury urban bikes in cooperation with the famous fashion brand Hermes. His last plan was the relocation of production in France but he could not finish this plan.

Automatic pedal ATAC

In mountain biking, Time Sport is especially known for his famous automatic pedal ATAC (Auto Tension Adjustment Concept) used especially by two French Olympic champions Julien Absalon and Julie Bresset. But the French brand mainly built its reputation in road racing with its carbon frames ‘RTM course’. And many great names, like Greg Lemond, Miguel Indurain and more recently Tom Boonen also appreciated the quality of road pedals of Time.

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