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No Restart for Halfords NL


VEENENDAAL, The Netherlands – Halfords NL is not making a restart as yet. The administrators handling the bankruptcy of Dutch retail chain announced this yesterday evening. The 90 wholly owned stores remained closed today; the 28 franchise-outlets are open.

No Restart for Halfords NL
90 wholly owned Halfords stores remained closed today; the 28 franchise-outlets are open. – Photo Tweewieler

The administrators are still negotiating with, “One serious takeover candidate who came forward only at a very late stage.” In the course of next week, is expected, further announcements will follow on whether this leads to a restart.

450 jobs

Due to the fact that 90 Halfords stores are now closed some 450 employees are losing their jobs. In case a restart becomes reality, a part of the current staff will join the Halfords buyer. When the restart fails a number of employees will be asked to assist the administrators with the settlement of the bankruptcy of the retail chain.

Restart seemed possible

Before going bust there were 536 people working at Halfords NL. Since the bankruptcy the administrators talked to some seriously interested parties and until recently a restart seemed a real possibility. What hampered the negotiations; a specific stumbling block could not be identified as, “each party has its own requirements and priorities.”

Hope on last candidate

The administrators’ spokesman called the outcome, especially given the initial optimism, “all the more disappointing.” The hope is now on the last candidate, on who the spokesman could give no further details. Should the negotiations fail than the Halfords stores could re-open for a closing down sale as the administrators will need to get rid of stocks.

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