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Piaggio (Vespa) Enters E-Bike Market


MILAN, Italy – Europe’s largest manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles, Piaggio which among other brands makes Vespa scooters, is entering the e-bike market. At last week’s International Motorcycle Show in Milan, the company presented its first model that in particular stands out in terms of styling and design.

Piaggio (Vespa) Enters E-Bike Market
Greatest quality of the Piaggio e-bike is in its appearance. Typical Italian; a great looker. Photo Rob van Ginneken

The Piaggio e-bike that as it looks now will be available next year, uses an in-house developed mid-motor. The 250 – 350W motor is compact and fits in a slightly enlarged bracket-shell. The engine is combined with a li-ion battery that offers 400 watt hours of ‘power’. Further technical details are as of yet lacking.

Additional functions via smartphone

The press release Piaggio distributed during last week’s international motorcycle exhibition EICMA, offers no information on what sensors are used to enable pedal power support adequately. However, the Piaggio information digs deep in the communication possibilities its e-bike offers with the i-phone of the rider. Many additional features are controllable via the rider’s smartphone; including diagnostics on defects in the drive system.

Italian design & styling

It looks like that Piaggio’s e-bike USP is in its appearance. Typical Italian; a great looker with a nicely sculpted aluminum frame; high profile wheels with special spoke pattern as well as how the mid-motor and battery are integrated in the design: it makes the Piaggio e-bike a striking appearance.

2nd large scooter and engine manufacturer with e-bikes

Information on when the Piaggio e-bike will be officially launched and for what retail prices, will undoubtedly follow.

It is striking that in addition to KYMCO (with Klever e-bikes) now also Piaggio is making its entry in electric bikes. This is the second big powered two-wheeler maker that focuses on this segment of the market. There’s no doubt that more will follow.

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