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Van Houten General Manager Of Dutch AGU


ALKMAAR, the Netherlands – Robert van Houten joined AGU Holding and AGU BV as general manager, effective from November 3rd 2014. The position of general manager is new to AGU as the company previously had a 3 man taskforce.

Van Houten General Manager Of Dutch AGU
Robert van Houten is the new general manager of AGU Holding and AGU BV. – Photo AGU

In this new structure of AGU Holding and AGU BV Van Houten will work closely with Dirk de Boer (director operations), Marco Crombeen (director finance) and a manager human resources.

After finishing his studies and MBA Robert van Houten (46) hold different positions with Center Parcs, Gioma Group (restaurants), and Ahold Europe. Son of a family of entrepreneurs Robert has vast experience in retail and managing new business developments.

AGU is still a family owned company. Peter van den Kommer’s daughter Marie-José and Jaap van den Kommer’s son Martin will join the Board of Directors. Other Board members are Bert Molenaar and Jaap and Peter van den Kommer. In due time both Jaap and Peter will resign from the Board.

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