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World’s Biggest Hub Motor Maker Starts in Europe


TAICHUNG, Taiwan – 8Fun, the world’s biggest maker of hub motors for e-bikes, is re-branding itself to Bafang. Under this name the company starts a service center in Europe. Next to that there’s now also a mid-motor drive system added to the line-up for ModelYear 2015.

World’s Biggest Hub Motor Maker Starts in Europe
Bart van den Boom (left), technical manager, and Jack Brandsen, general manager, (both coming from NuVinci) are leading Bafang Europe. – Photo Bike Europe

Jack Brandsen, coming from NuVinci but recently employed by the world’s biggest maker of hub motors is appointed general manager of Bafang Europe.

Bafang Europe presented itself during the Taichung Bike Week of early November. In China Bafang produced some 750,000 hub motors in 2013. About half was exported to European e-bike manufacturers.

After sales activities

Bafang Europe has established a service center in the German Eiffel region. Here all after sales activities throughout the European e-bike market are concentrated while dealer and OEM trainings will also take place here.

Bafang Max Drive System

During Taichung Bike Week Bafang presented the Max Drive. It’s a unusually powerful mid-motor system capable of a maximum torque of 80Nm. Hence the Bafang Max Drive is not only suited for the regular 25km/h e-bikes, but for s-pedelecs too. Maximum power of the Bafang Max Drive is 250 – 350W, while the 43V/16Ah battery is with 690Wh also highly potent.

Step up to hi-end e-bikes

With the Max Drive Bafang targets hi-end e-bikes and wants to reach a European level. The first test bikes with the new mid-motor will be available at the end of this year.  Mass production starts in March 2015. The Bafang Max mid-motor focuses on 2015 e-bikes that retail for under 2,000 euro.

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