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China’s Search Engine Baidu Launches Smart Bike


BEIJING, China – While search giant Google is focusing on self-driving smart cars its Chinese rival Baidu developed a stylish smart bike named ‘DuBike’. Its operating system is available for bike makers.

China’s Search Engine Baidu Launches Smart Bike
Baidu: ‘We are making the DuBike operating system available to all bicycle manufacturers.’ - Photo Baidu/Dubike

The name is based on a mix of ‘Baidu’ and ‘bike’ and relies on a variety of social networking features – including Baidu Maps navigation system. DuBike was developed by Baidu’s Institute for Deep Learning in partnership with Tsinghua University’s Academy of Arts & Design.

DuBike operating system

According to a report on the MTB styled DuBike contains, “Myriad sensors that collect fitness information about the rider in real-time and can feed it via Bluetooth to his smart phone.”

DuBike can for example, “Locate other people using the DuBike operating system so you can meet up with other people and share good routes. You’ll be able to see the others on your map if you want to find other riders,” says Baidu spokesman Kaiser Kuo. Also included in the system is an anti-theft system in the form of a built-in GPS.

The non-motorized DuBike doesn’t need any charging. A power drum converts the kinetic energy to charge the electric system. This is powered when pedaling.

Operating system available to bike makers

According to spokesman Kuo the product is more about the software rather than the actual hardware. “We are making the operating system open and available to all different bicycle manufacturers. The idea is that bicycle manufacturers can take this, get the specs on how to make the sensors talk to each other, how to make the operating system talk to your phone and put that all into a bicycle. The idea is that smart bikes become a part of your life,” says Kuo on

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