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Claudio Bianchi CEO for Ritchey Design


SAN CARLOS, USA – Founder and Chairman Tom Ritchey appointed a new CEO of Ritchey Design Inc. Since the start of Ritchey Design, Tom has been Chairman and CEO of the company. According to a company statement the shift in management will allow him to focus purely on product development for the brand.

Claudio Bianchi CEO for Ritchey Design
The new CEO for Ritchey Design, Claudio Bianchi. - Photo Jo Beckendorff

The appointment of Claudio Bianchi to the role of CEO, will be effective from January 1, 2015. He has been with Ritchey for more than 20 years in several functional areas of management. Most recently he served as General Manager of Ritchey International, a post he has held since October of 2001.

Reporting to Bianchi in his new capacity will be the Ritchey USA (San Carlos, CA), Ritchey Europe (Lugano, Switzerland) and Ritchey Asia (Taichung, Taiwan) offices and executives. Bianchi will report directly to Tom Ritchey, Chairman of the Board and Director of Product Development, a role he will continue to lead as all products bear his name and product design is and has been his lifelong passion.

“As I hand over the day-to-day tasks of running Ritchey Design I am fortunate to have a long-serving, loyal and capable executive as Claudio to take over the reins of the company and provide the direction and leadership to take the Ritchey brand forward in the coming years,” Ritchey said. “He has always been a valuable resource for me and I am pleased to confirm my strong confidence in him with this appointment,” Ritchey said.

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