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Miranda Invests in Portuguese Facility


AGUEDA, Portugal – To improve flexibility and quality, Portuguese bicycle component manufacturer Miranda invests in additional production capacity including a fully automated cold forging station.

Miranda Invests in Portuguese Facility

The investment in new machinery is part of a production restructuring process in order to improve manufacturing flow control and flexibility. “The new customized forging lines are based on our long term know-how in material handling we gathered over the years,” explains João Filipe Miranda of Miranda. “The material is processed in a controlled and fully automatic cold forging production line with constant parameters, so the nanostructure of the aluminium retains excellent mechanical properties at any time.”

‘Customizing products

“We have been studying and optimizing this production process over the years so each component will retain the best possible properties resulting in standard high quality. With these investments we can improve our flexibility in customizing our products even more than our customers are already used to,” says João Filipe Miranda.

Miranda’s announcement of the improved production process in Portugal comes with the introduction of their Infinium crankset with the ChainFlow technology. Main features are reduction of wear and operation noise. Further it prevents chain drops and improves overall efficiency. The Infinium has a patented and non-standard tooth profile, as the chain engages faster on the chainring, directly on the moving parts and on more contact points. This will significantly reduce wear and enhance the chain load distribution, claims Miranda.

Patented manufacturing processes

To complement the high rigidity and reliability of the Infinium crankset, the Delta crank arm model is developed using a patented nanostructure cold forged aluminium manufacturing processes.

The whole set was designed to be extremely durable but light, weighing under 590 grams, making it one of the lighter cranksets available. The Infinium crankset has been specified by some major brands on MY 2015 bicycles. The crankset is compatible with all major drivetrain systems and bottom brackets.

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