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EDDY70’ Honours Merckx


BRUSSELS, Belgium – To celebrate the 70th birthday of former road race champion Eddy Merckx the EDDY70 road bike was unveiled at the 70 Years Merckx-Ickx Expo in Trade Mart Brussels, The bike is produced in a limited edition of only 70 copies.

EDDY70’ Honours Merckx
Eddy Merckx (r.) and Valentino Campagnolo approved the EDDY70 celebrating the 70th birthday of former road race champion. - Photo Arnauld Hackmann

During a VIP celebration, with about 400 dealers, agents, distributors and other Eddy Merckx Cycles’ business relations, the Belgian cycling legend was honoured.

Fantastic ride

Already for some years Eddy Merckx is no longer actively involved in Eddy Merckx Cycles’ daily management. However, he is still closely following the company he founded some three decades ago and which is developing successfully. “Since the new team took the wheel, we have a fantastic ride. Our logistics processes, IT and R&D are professionalized and we now focus on international growth under the leadership of our new CEO Rob Beset,” said founder Merckx.

Steel frame

To further commemorate Eddy Merckx 70th birthday a special road racer has been developed which is to be produced in in a truly limited edition of only 70. It is a high-end bike, for which the Belgian bike company cooperated closely with Italian suppliers as Columbus, Campagnolo, Cinelli and Vittoria. CEO Rob Beset said about the EDDY70 bike. “Although the frame is steel, the bike weighs less than 7.5 kg. I am proud as it’s really special what the team has developed here.

14,000 euro

CEO Beset announced that the EDDY 70 sales price stands at 14,000 euro and that the VIP’s could subscribe first. During the VIP night nearly twenty models were ordered. The remaining EDDY 70 bikes will be sold through the special website

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