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Campagnolo Suspends Layoffs; Strike Continues


VICENZA, Italy – A solution for the labour dispute at Campagnolo came one step closer with the company’s announcement to suspend the dismissal of 68 employees. The relocation of a part of the production to Romania will be carried out as planned.

Campagnolo Suspends Layoffs; Strike Continues
Campagnolo and the trade unions have started discussions on the future of the company. – Photo Bike Europe

“We can now start to discuss the future of Campagnolo,” said the trade unions FIM CISL and the regional FIOM CGIL in a first response. “However, all options are still open and we don’t know where it will end. For now the strike will continue, including new initiatives like the interruption of incoming goods from the factory in Romania.”

Restructuring Italian factory

Local newspapers reported that according to Campagnolo the reorganization plan is aimed at regaining competitiveness by restructuring the Italian factory and focusing on high-tech product innovation. This argument did not convince the trade unions. “They always say that. The truth is that it weakens the factory Vicenza,” stated the FIOM CGIL.

The reorganization plan mainly affected people in production and logistics departments; one out of five of the company’s total staff. Their jobs are not guaranteed but the verbal agreement between the trade unions and Campagnolo’s management marks the start of a dialogue on the company’s future business plan.

“The problem remains”

Both parties have agreed to, “Define an industrial program that does not have social impacts. The future of the company should not be based on layoffs, but ensure production and investment.” According to the trade unions, “The company had taken a unilateral decision. In the new situation we can discuss the conditions. But the problem remains.”

The trade unions point out that the relocation and loss of jobs is not a problem of Campagnolo only but for the whole manufacturing industry and also a threat to the image of ‘Made in Italy’. “This company is a piece of cycling history,” said Maurizio Ferron of FIOM CGIL.

To draw attention to the problems at Campagnolo the trade unions have initiated a cycling event to rally all cycling enthusiasts, from citizens to cycling groups of Vicenza.

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