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Industry Sets Sight on Speed E-Bikes


AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – The offering in speed pedelecs (more and more referred to as speed e-bikes) is growing rapidly. In Europe’s trendsetting e-bike market – the Netherlands – numerous brands are entering this new segment of the electric bike market.

Industry Sets Sight on Speed E-Bikes
Koga E-XLR8 is the latest one joining the fast growing offering in speed e-bikes as this e-bike market segment is rapidly maturing. – Photo Koga

The speed e-bike market is currently taking the first steps towards maturity with an extended model range in different configurations and price ranges. Newcomers like Koga, Gazelle, Kalkhoff and Stromer are entering the market for this new e-bike category.

New era in recording sales

How the speed e-bike market will develop in the next years will be far more easily to track compared to regular (electric) bicycle sales. This has all to do with the fact that speed e-bikes have to be type-approved. Depending on specific country legislation speed e-bikes are considered to be (light) mopeds; a category requiring vehicle registration with recorded number plates. With that bicycle sales registration enters into a new era.

Growing offering with sales keeping pace

In the Netherlands speed e-bike registration reveals not only a rapidly growing offering. It also show that sales is keeping pace with that growth. In 2014 only two brands were active; Sparta and Riese & Müller. 2015 newcomers are Gazelle, Kalkhoff, Stromer while Koga is the latest one to join.

Introducing Koga speed e-bike

Koga introduces the new E-XLR8 (pronounced E-Accelerate), as the first speed e-bike from the sporty premium brand. It’s a unisex model fitted with a Bosch (60 Nm) Performance Speed mid-engine and Bosch 400Wh Li-Ion battery which is on top of the down tube.

The new Koga speed e-bike has an alloy 6061 (double hardened/double butted frame) fitted with a Shimano SLX drive trains, Magura disc brakes, a KMC X-10 chain with high pin power and Vredestein Perfect-E 40mm tyres. The Koga E-XLR8 has the requisite European type-approval and comes complete with the mandatory type-approved mirror and lighting, including a brake light, number plate light, reflectors and an automatic collapsible stand.

Own quality standard for speed pedelecs

Koga has taken a lot of time to develop a test protocol for its first speed e-bike, as the loads achieved at speeds up to 45 km/h are not comparable to those of other e-bikes. The company says that, “It is also notable that on average, much longer distances are being traveled with a speed e-bike than with “regular” e-bikes.”

Koga has also participated in the creation of its own quality standard for speed pedelecs. This has been achieved in close collaboration with the University of Hamburg, where intensive work has been undertaken to develop a new standard for this type of product.

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