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Management Changes at Leading Swiss E-Bike Makers


HUTWILL, Switzerland – Flyer producer Biketec has appointed Christian Müller as its new sales manager. Müller is the former CEO of Stromer and widely regarded as one of the most experienced industry experts. He will take up his post this summer.

Management Changes at Leading Swiss E-Bike Makers
Christian Müller’s coup; he changes from Stromer to Flyer. – Photo Peter Hummel

In Europe’s e-bike bizz this change is regarded as a coup. Müller, till recently CEO of Stromer, the number two Swiss e-bike manufacturer, switches to market leader Flyer to become “Chief Sales Officer” (CSO). Given the restructuring and the fresh wind the new Flyer CEO Simon Lehmann is bringing about at the Swiss e-bike pioneer, this change is not so much amazing. In particular as Lehmann and Müller know each other personally for quite some time.

Proven expert

After the rapid departure of Peter Kreuder as Flyer’s sales manager late last summer, this position has been renamed to Sales Manager and upgraded to one of three senior management positions (in addition to technology and finance). However for the filling in of the CSO position Lehmann took a lot of time – and now had the luck on his side. With Christian “Chrigu” Müller he gets a proven expert on board. Müller was head of worldwide sales at DT Swiss and CEO at Manitou Europe, before he took, beginning of 2012, the lead at Stromer, the e-bike brand acquired by BMC.

Strategic tasks

Last February, after three years he stopped on his own request at Stromer. Still fulfilling strategic tasks at Stromer up to June, Müller will start in July at competitor Flyer. He is to focus on the development of new markets. After he has just opened for Stromer the US market his next focus for Flyer will be Scandinavia, Southern Europe, Korea and Australia. Recently Flyer appointed distributors in Norway and Italy.

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