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Croatian Post Opens Call for E-Bike Tender


ZAGREB, Croatia – Croatian Post has launched a tender for the purchase of 180 e-bikes. The bikes will replace 180 scooters with combustion engines currently used for mail delivery. The decision to switch to e-bikes was reached after the Pro-E-bike association arranged an e-bike test for the Croatian Post.

Croatian Post Opens Call for E-Bike Tender
The Croatian Post will switch from scooters to e-bikes for mail delivery. – Photo Croatian Post

After a 6 month testing period Croatian Post was impressed to see how easy the e-bikes are to use and maintain. “They concluded e-bikes are a better solution than the scooters which have a range of 25-40 km. The e-bikes have the same range, but when the battery power is low, you can still ride the e-bike,” says Randy Rzewnicki, ECF project manager for Pro-E-Bike.


“This replacement shows that support for electric vehicles and technology is making a difference in the marketplace for logistics and transportation,” said Zeljka Fistek of EIHP, the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, the Croatian Energy Agency, leading the Pro-E-bike project. “The Croatian Post made the calculations and saw the benefits.”

Calculation tool

At Velo-city 2015 in Nantes, France, Pro-E-bike will present a calculation tool so every business and fleet manager can see how much money they can save by switching to e-bikes. Decision makers will also learn of the wide variety of proven technologies and examples of goods delivered by bicycle across Europe.

Tender is open

“The Croatian Post e-bike tender is open and they looked forward to receiving a healthy number of bids,” said Rzewnicki. He noted that the standards set are high. The tender requires a 2-year guarantee and the batteries must have capacity for 800 re-charges. The total investment exceeds € 400,000 while 40 percent of the budget will come from the Croatian government. The 180 E-bikes must be delivered in next fall and to be fully deployed early 2016.

The tender is published by the European Union via:

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