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Höganäs to Cease E-Bike Components Production


HÖGANÄS, Sweden – Electric drive systems manufacturer Höganäs AB announced a change in strategy and will stop the production of its Eclino branded e-bike components.

Höganäs to Cease E-Bike Components Production
“We will not compete any longer with other drive systems manufacturers,” said Hans Söderberg, of Höganäs. – Photo Höganäs

“In the future we will focus on supporting customer projects, implementing new motor technologies and developing new sophisticated materials”, said Hans Söderberg, Director Electric Drive Systems at Höganäs in a press release. The company will no longer develop its own products in-house.

With the announcement of this new strategy, Höganäs will discontinue their e-bike system Eclino. “We think that with our new business focus, customers will benefit more from our key competence and experience than before,” says Hans Söderberg. “We will not compete with other drive systems manufacturers, but support them in developing new and more efficient solutions.”

Höganäs develops and produces soft magnetic composites (SMC) since many years which are perfectly suited for certain electric applications. By using their SMC, Höganäs has created electric motors combining high torque and efficiency with production friendly design and low material cost. “The characteristics of these motors make them perfectly suited for Light Electric Vehicles,” says Hans Söderberg.

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