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BBB Co-founder Frank Moons Died Sunday


LEIDEN, the Netherlands – Last Sunday, July 12th Frank Moons died at his house in Mallorca, Spain. The tragic news on the death of the co-founder of BBB Cycling raises lots of reactions all around the world.

BBB Co-founder Frank Moons Died Sunday
Frank Moons passed away on Mallorca last Sunday. – Photo Bike Europe

Bike Europe learned Monday morning about the sad news that Frank Moons died on 12 July 2015. Together with Chris Koppert the two former road racers founded BBB Cycling in the early nineties. Frank was 56 years old.

“Cycling was Frank’s passion,” BBB Cycling’s statement says today. “Completely unexpected and with great grief we inform you that our beloved and highly appreciated colleague Frank Moons passed away on Mallorca last Sunday. We are sure you will understand that this news left us in shock.”

“As a road cyclist, he has been in front of the peloton for many years. He continued his passion by starting as a sales representative at the Dutch import agency and wholesaler Augusta Benelux in 1991. He made a career for himself within the company and became sales manager. Eventually he turned BBB Cycling into a successful brand as co-owner of the company.” Last March Frank Moons and Chris Koppert sold BBB Cycling to Pon Holdings and the Pon Bicycle Group.

Frank will be taken back home to the Netherlands for his funeral. More information later on

For more information, contact Frank van Adrichem of BBB Cycling.

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