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E-Bikes Grow Bigger and Bigger at Accell Group


AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – At last Friday’s press conference on the mid-year financial results of Accell Group NV the holding company of numerous bike companies reported a 13% turnover growth. This double digit plus was thanked to higher e-bike and sports bike sales. In particular e-bikes and Haibike’s new e-Performance bikes are pushing Accell’s turnover made with e-bikes to new highs.

E-Bikes Grow Bigger and Bigger at Accell Group
Accell Group CEO René Takens reported strong financial results. – Photo Bike Europe

Accell Group CEO René Takens reported strong financial results as the holding saw its activities in Germany grow with 22% for the turnover realized with the sale of (electric) bikes. In the first half year of 2015 e-bikes accounted for a big 45% of the total turnover of 433 million euro Accell makes with its bicycle sales.

Strong performance

In particular German subsidiary Winora Group performed strong in particular with solid sales of Haibike performance e-bikes. “Demand for this relatively new and special category of electric bicycles saw continued strong growth. Accell Group is trendsetter and market leader in this field in Europe. Growth in sports bicycles in the higher segment also continued among others due to solid sales of Ghost bikes,” says Accell in its press release on the mid-year results.

Other countries

Next to Germany also in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, Italy and Scandinavia the Accell companies performed strong as turnover upped 24% thanked to higher sales of e-bikes and Haibike’s e-Performance bikes. The same growth figures was scored in North America.

 Disappointing part

The only disappointing part in Accell’s financial half year report are the results in its home market the Netherlands, which is still the company’s biggest sales territory. Accell’s turnover dropped here by 3% and the number of bikes sold decreased by 5%. That drop was partly due to the effects of a changing Dutch Bike-to-Work scheme with less government subsidies for consumers. Also the weather conditions in the first six months were not that favourable as a year earlier.

For more on Accell’s financial report click to the report that was published last Friday; see

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