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New E-Bike Brand from Italy: Velorapida


MILAN, Italy – The e-bike that recharges while pedaling, that’s what Velorapida electric bicycles are all about. As well as being vintage.

New E-Bike Brand from Italy: Velorapida
VeloPlus bikes are easily controlled with a smartphone application. - Photo Velorapida

Velorapida, the Italian company manufacturing

vintage e-bikes, starts its 1st ModelYear with 4 VeloPlus e-bikes: The Yacht is very elegant in its retro style with rod brakes; the Cruise, a classic suitable for every occasion; the Racing, with a distinctive sporty look and the Voyager, for the woman explorer.


New concept

Manufacturer Velorapida represents with its VeloPlus e-bikes a new concept which, while looking as a traditional and elegant as decades ago, hides a sophisticated electric drive system which is able to read and manage the physical strength in order to optimize the efficiency of the “human motor”, providing assistance when its more needed and recovering excess energy.

Bike+ technology by ZeHus

Entirely manufactured in Italy, VeloPlus adopts the Bike+ technology by ZeHus, the innovative all-in-one system which integrates electric and electronic components in the rear hub of the bicycle, in an elegant way: the overall weight of the powerpack weighs less than 3 kg.

The VeloPlus bikes are easily controlled with a smartphone application, connected to the Bike+ hub via Bluetooth. This app allows the cyclist to select and monitor the speed and to measure the power generated by himself and by the motor.

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