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Brompton Bicycle Invests in New London Factory


LONDON, UK – To meet growing demand for their bikes internationally, the British folding bike company Brompton Bicycle announced new investments in its manufacturing and storage facilities. The new factory will be located in the Greenford in the western part of London.

Brompton Bicycle Invests in New London Factory
Brompton’s new facility is nearly twice the size of the company’s current four operational locations. – Photo Brompton

Brompton reports a substantial growth in recent years and is now streamlining and unifying its processes in order to continue this growth. The new site, at 26,000 square feet, is nearly twice the size of Brompton’s current four operational locations. It will be large enough to house all processes of the business in one facility. The unified site will enable the company to improve efficiency, increase production and bring together its 240 staff under one roof.

Inventor Andrew Ritchie

The Brompton bike was first designed and built by inventor Andrew Ritchie, in his flat in Kensington, West London. Full time production began in 1988 at the Brentford Arches and then moved to its current factory at Kew Bridge in 1998.

Since then, Brompton has invested in its staff, with months of training going into the skills of brazing and bike assembly. Keeping the factory within the capital is essential to Brompton in order to retain this craftsmanship that is inherit to the brand. To move away from London would be to leave the staff, their knowledge and expertise behind.

Committed to London

According to Brompton Bicycle Ltd CEO, Will Butler-Adams OBE it is essential for the company to remain in London. “As our bikes are made for cities, our location provides our Brompton team with the daily inspiration to continue evolving and fine tuning the bikes design to ensure it is perfect for city riding. We are committed to London; Brompton was born from a need of city living, our staff are Londoners and the city continues to inform how the Brompton develops.”

Production to double

The new facility gives Brompton the chance to grow the company and double production to 100,000 bikes a year, further building on its current status as the UK’s largest bike exporter, with around 80% of all bikes produced being shipped worldwide. For 2015 Brompton is on target to produce 50,000 units.

The move to the new facility is underway and will be completed by January 2016.

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