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Diavelo Aims on Breaking Records


FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – At booth FG-O – 406 Protanium is showing its Diavelo MTB with which the company is aimed at creating one of the worlds most advanced, durable and lightest electric Mountainbikes.

Diavelo Aims on Breaking Records
Diavelo MTB is, according to Protanium one of the world’s lightest electric Mountainbikes. – Photo Protanium

The frame is made out of Full nanotube carbon with a layer of Kevlar to keep strength and durability. In order to keep a clean and aggressive design the RockShox RS-1 front fork is used.

The most striking feature of the RS-1 is the inverted design. The battery is Protaniums patented inside the frame solution and the motor is elegantly hidden in the frame as much as possible.

The electric MTB is equipped with an alarm and movement sensor set in order to protect this valuable e-bike.

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