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LG Chem’s E-Bike and LEV Batteries


FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – To introduce their new 600Wh (10S4P pack configuration) compact and light weight battery technology the Korean company LG Chem will exhibit at Eurobike for the first time. LG Chem will display current applied E-bike and LEV products with existing customers as well present their technology leadership in market.

LG Chem’s E-Bike and LEV Batteries
LG Chem’s new 600Wh technology is 40% lighter compared to its regular 300Wh pack. – Photo LG Chem

LG Chem is a world-renowned company in the lithium-ion battery industry that supplies energy solutions for mobile devices, energy storage and electric vehicles. In particular, according to the electric vehicle industry, LG Chem is ranked as a No.1 battery supplier when it comes to project award of next-generation electric vehicle battery.

Global reputation

Thanks to its global reputation gained in the automotive industry, LG Chem is now pursuing its business growth in Light Electrical Vehicle. In the past LG Chem has already begun supplying batteries to e-bike makers worldwide, including European bicycle brands and electric driving kit providers.

Full battery line-up

LG Chem has built up a full battery line-up from 2.1Ah to 4.2Ah cell with long cycle life and sufficient power, covering all segments of Light Electric Vehicles, e-bikes and e-scooters. LG Chem is also actively developing new battery cells with much higher capacity to enable longer driving range for users. Furthermore, a core competitiveness of LG Chem’s battery pack is believed to be its advanced BMS (Battery Management System) technology proven in electric vehicle market.

LG Chem booth number at Eurobike: A6 – 305.

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