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Limited Edition Shimano SPD Shoe and Pedal Presented


TOKYO, Japan – As part of its 25th anniversary SPD celebrations Shimano has released its second commemorative shoe and pedal combination of the year. Shimano’s new M200 Blue Enduro/Trail shoe with matching blue XTR style M995 trail or M990 race pedals continues the trend set by a revolutionary design in 1990.

Limited Edition Shimano SPD Shoe and Pedal Presented
The M200 Blue shoe will be limited to 1,200 items in Europe. – Photo Shimano

In that year the launch of Shimano’s first M737 SPD pedal and compatible M100 shoe was an awakening moment for many. Allowing feet to be kept in contact with pedals across the roughest terrain suddenly meant a satisfying level of off-road racing was possible. To celebrate that moment, Shimano’s new limited-edition M200 Blue becomes the third colourway for the top of the range M200 Enduro shoe.

Efficient speed-lacing

Highlights of the M200 include its efficient speed-lacing system, high protection element from its asymmetrical ankle collar, armoured lace and toe shield, high-grip arch pad on the outsole and carbon fibre reinforced midsole, low profile adjustment buckle and heel stabilizing design.

Meanwhile the new blue M995 trail and M990 cross country pedals continue a long line of foot retention systems. Beginning 25 years ago with the original M737 pedal and cleat, the much-loved design resulted in a system that is unique in its use by so many people and for so many different types of cycling and in so many conditions, not least in the demanding world of Enduro and All Mountain riding.

Lightest off-road pedal

The new M995 blue pedal, corresponding with Shimano’s top-grade XTR mountain bike component category, has a wide pedal-to-shoe contact platform which provides increased stability and control. The blue M990 on the other hand is Shimano’s lightest off-road pedal, weighing just 310g. Whilst the M990 is completely compatible with the M200 blue, its slimmer contact area makes it more suitable for cross country racing. The M200 Blue shoe will be limited to 1,200 items in Europe, whilst the M995 and M990 blue pedals will be limited to 1,900 items.

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