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MIFA Announces Relocation to New Site


SANGERHAUSEN, Germany – The announcement of the new MIFA-bike owner and managing director Heinrich von Nathusius that he was looking for a new location for the factory outside the city centre caused a lot of turmoil in Sangerhausen.

MIFA Announces Relocation to New Site
MIFA will stay in Sangerhausen where a new factory will be built. – Photo MIFA

Local and regional political parties and others like regional development organizations mingled in the discussion. End of last week Von Nathusius announced that MIFA will stay in Sangerhausen where a new factory will be built.

Previously Von Nathusius said that he preferred Sangerhausen, but that he was also looking for other locations. Local Sangerhausen politicians opposed this idea, afraid of losing jobs of more than 600 people working at MIFA. The province of Thüringen even offered MIFA a plot for the new factory in Nordhausen, 40 kilometres west of Sangerhausen.

Cost leadership in Europe

These discussions now came to an end as Von Nathusius said in an official statement that, “MIFA is investing in the development of the company by building a new factory in Sangerhausen and through innovative production technology. The aim of expanding production capacities is – in addition to securing 600 jobs in the long-term – to take over the position of cost leadership in Europe. This growth is supported by a stable, positive market development and the acquisition of volumes of imports, more than half of which currently originate from low-wage countries in the Far East and Eastern Europe.”

Expansion at European level

“Moreover, the core business with major customers and superstores is also being expanded at European level,” said Von Nathusius. “Furthermore, we are pushing our marketing activities – using the strategy, among others, of directly involving selected dealers in the online market. Quality, delivery reliability and lifestyle-oriented brand loyalty with the quality statement ‘Made in Germany’ always form the basis for cooperation with retailers and resellers.”

In December 2014 all MIFA assets were sold to the Von Nathusius family, sole shareholder of German auto parts supplier IFA Rotorion-Holding GmbH in Haldensleben. The group of companies employs a staff of approximately 2,500 worldwide in three locations Saxony-Anhalt, USA and China.

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