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Shimano’s Sales in Bike Components Continues to Boom


TOKYO, Japan – After a 26.1% growth in bicycle components sales in 2014 Shimano Inc. reports that its net sales in this segment showed similar growth figures in the first half of 2015. Since 2013 Shimano’s net sales in bike parts boomed over 50%!

Shimano’s Sales in Bike Components Continues to Boom
In the last two years Shimano’s growth in net bicycle components sales amounted a huge 53.6%! – Photo Shimano

The world’s biggest in bike parts reports that Europe and North America experienced virtually no decline in demand despite somewhat unsettled weather during the first half of 2015. The company’s financial statement says, “Reflecting growing interest in the use of bicycles in society, retail sales in the first half were brisk. As a result, distributor inventories in Europe remained virtually at the appropriate level and those in the US were slightly lower than the appropriate level.”

Japan, China

For its sales on the company’s home market Japan Shimano notes a continued robust retail sales of sports bicycles, but weak sales of community bicycles. “Sales of sports bicycles in emerging markets have been maintaining robust growth, retail sales of sports bicycles in China, which had been the leading driver of demand for sports bicycles, in the first half decreased from the level of the same period of the previous year.”

Deore XT, Acera, Tiagra

Shimano, “In these market conditions, full model changes of Deore XT and Acera mountain bike components and Tiagra road bike components were well received and order-taking was brisk. In addition, Shimano products remained relatively affordable because of the entrenched depreciation of the yen. Thus, segment sales for the first half exceeded the forecast.”

Over 50% growth since 2013

It results in a net sales growth of 29.7% from the same period of the previous year to JPY 163,002 million (€ 1,198mn). As said in 2014 Shimano sales in bike parts showed similar huge growth. Looking further back in the history of the company and in particular to its 2013 first half year net sales in bike components it shows that during that period this accounted for JPY 106,096 million (€ 780mn). Comparing this to the 2015 first half year result in bicycle components, Shimano’s growth amounted a huge 53.6%! By the way, the company’s operating income also increased with big numbers in the first half of this year; with 51.8% to JPY 42,759 million (€ 315mn).

On the outlook for the second half of 2015; Shimano revised its forecast upward.

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